PyCon US 2014

Here are some interesting talks from PyCon US 2014, that are worth to watch.

All Your Ducks In A Row: Data Structures in the Standard Library and Beyond

by Brandon Rhodes

Why are Python programmers crazy about lists and dictionaries, when other languages tout bitmaps, linked lists, and B+ trees? Are we missing out? Come learn how data structures are implemented on bare metal, how to select the right data structure, how the list and dictionary cover a wide swath of use cases, and when to dip into the Standard Library or a third-party package for an alternative.

Refresh your knowledge about Python's data structures, and when to (not) use which.

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Building and breaking a Python sandbox

by Jessica McKellar

What does it take to make a Python sandbox that can run untrusted code? Learn some surprising language features and experience security challenges first-hand as we work through building a Python sandbox from scratch. You'll leave this talk with renewed appreciation for the dynamic nature of Python, some sneaky language tricks, and a solid background in classes of sandboxing security issues.

Hacking Python itself through introspection.

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Generators: The Final Frontier

by David Beazley

Python generators have long been useful for solving all sorts of problems involving iteration and data flow. However, one of their more powerful uses is in customizing various aspects of program control flow. In this tutorial, we'll look at some more exotic uses of generators such as writing context managers, inlining callback functions, eliminating recursion, implementing actors, and more.

All I knew about generators was ~5% of what there is to know.

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More to come (maybe). Full list of PyCon US 2014 available here.

Heartbleed Lithuania

Let's scrape the Internet and check some 5887 Lithuanian websites for the Heartbleed bug. The vulnerable:

Is your site vulnerable? You can check here.

Update (2014-04-15):

Since posting, these sites have fixed the Heartbleed bug.

OpenDNS domain tagging bookmarklet for dwb

Open dwb:keys in dwb or press Sk. At the bottom, put this line at the bottom in the Custom commands field:

qd:eval execute("tabopen" + net.parseUri(tabs.current.uri).host)

Pressing qd will open a new tab with OpenDNS domain tagging interface for the current website.